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Consumer Resources

There are many ways to access local food in Southwest Florida. Shopping at farmers' markests and farms stands or being coming a member of a CSA (Community Supported Agricutlure) program are great ways to support local farms (See listings below).  Local Harvest, and several websites like it, serve as directories for small family farms to advertise their products, list the farmers markets that they attend, and link the public to their website or farm store. 

Understanding Seasonality In Southwest Florida

Farmers Markets

Follow this link to find out more about local Farmers Markets

Farm Stands, Farm Markets & U-Pick

Visiting local farm stands and U-pick operations are a great way to get outdoors, connect with local farmers, and support our local economy.

CSAs & Buying Clubs

Community Supported Agricutlure, or CSA, is a program offered by individual farms or cooperatives in which they provide a weekly box of the season's best produce. Memberships are typically annual and prices vary from farm to farm. A buying club is an organized group of people that pool resources to make bulk purchases to support a common goal. The focus of buying clubs is not always on local products, but instead, many organize around organic produce or pastured meats. Before joining a CSA or buying club ask a few good questions to understand just what you will receive.



The Collier County Annual Ag Tour takes place every March—
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