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Are you troubleshooting landscape plant problems?

Are you having trouble deciding what may be chewing holes, yellowing or distorting your plant foliage?

Pictured below are some of the most common South Florida woody ornamentals insects and/or results of their feeding activity. Closely scan this 'Woody Ornamental Rogue's' gallery line up. Once a suspect is found, click on the photo for more photographs which will help you confirm what may be attacking your landscape plants and the specific information needed to help you handle these pests.

Green Scale
Jadera Lace Bug
Pink Hibiscus Mealybug Pyriform scale
Snowbush Caterpillar Sooty Mold
Southern Red Mites Palmetto weevil Whiteflie
Sri Lanka Weevil    

Recommended Insecticide List
by Doug Caldwell, E. Buss and D. Short

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