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Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program for Commercial Properties and Community Associations in Collier County

The Community Associations Program is based on the Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles.  The program offers on-site landscape evaluations to managers, officers and board members of community associations, and neighborhood representatives.  Landscape evaluations include recommendations on overall design, selections and maintenance of plants, and problem areas.  landscape evaluations and recommendations are based on scientific research of the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Extension Service.  Following these recommended practices and Florida-Friendly Landscaping Principles will result in a landscape that is healthy while having a minimal impact on the environment.


To receive more information about the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program, contact Isabel Way at 239-252-4800.


Steps for Community Associations and Condos

  1. A minimum of four Association representatives, including 2 Board members, plus Landscaping Committee Chair and members, ARC Committee representatives, Neighborhood/Community volunteers need to attend the Florida-Friendly Landscaping workshop for associations.
  2. Observe all laws, codes, ordinances and covenants that apply to your landscape.
  3. Schedule a MIL irrigation evaluation.
  4. Use licensed GI-BMP Certified landscape professionals.
  5. Assess how well your landscape meets Checklist required practices.
  6. Review landscape maintenance needs and contract specifications.
  7. Identify Potential FFL Project.
  8. Visit, call or email the Collier County Extension for further assistance.
  9. Contact FYN Coordinator Isabel Way at 239-252-4800 to request an FYN Community Visit.
  10. Integrate FFL guidance into your Architectural Review process.
  11. Review covenants and deed restrictions for Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles.



Useful Resources for Community Associations




Environmental Landscape Management (ELM) Guidelines
Information about Selecting a Landscape Maintenance Contractor, and Landscape Maintenance Contract Specifications.





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