Florida Sea Grant Extension Program


Florida Sea Grant is a partnership between Florida’s universities and its citizens, industries, and government.  Sea Grant's mission is to enhance the practical use and conservation of the state's marine and coastal resources to create a sustainable environment and economy.  It accomplishes these goals through research, extension, education and communications.

Responsibilities include developing comprehensive marine and natural resource educational programs that focuses on marine recreational and commercial fisheries, seafood safety and sustainability, and marine science and environmental education.  Clientele include the recreational and commercial fishing sector, marine and coastal resource users, marine management agencies, public and private organizations, youth groups and educational institutions, and the agent is able to present on a variety of marine and coastal subjects upon request.


Areas of Expertise and Service to Collier County

  • Recreational and commercial fisheries
  • Fisheries management
  •  Artificial reef development
  • Seafood safety and sustainability
  • Coastal ecology
  • Marine science education


Outreach Programs

  • Marine fisheries management workshops
  • Great Goliath Grouper Count
  • Florida seafood webinars
  • Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program
  • Seafood safety and sustainability workshops
  • Artificial reef clean ups
  • Florida Master Naturalist Program


Florida Sea Grant Resources


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Collier County Sea Grant Extension in Action
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